Version 4.8 (Jan. 2018)


  • New UI for CADMAI Designer
  • The global coordinate system can be displayed in the corner of the graphic window
  • Indirect points can be switched on/off for dynamic component positioning
  • The background of the graphic window can be set to an image
  • The color of a face can be transferred in the modelling history
  • New properties CmiApplicationData.DXSnapOrigin and CmiApplicationData.DYSnapOrigin to set the snap origin
  • Possibility to show the entity names in the graphic window


  • DXF export completely redesigned
  • New PDF export
  • New DWG export

New actions

  • set_entnamefilter for setting the selection filter via action command
  • reset_entnamefilter for resetting the selection filter via action command
  • save_current_view for saving the current view via action command
  • get_current_viewstring for retrieving a string representation of the current view
  • set_view_from_string for setting the current view from a string
  • set_shader_cubemap to define the reflection cubemap for shaders
  • cleanup_component_cache for cleaning up the component cache from unused models
  • rectangular_pattern to create a rectangular entity pattern
  • circular_pattern to create a circular entity pattern

Action enhancements

  • Possibility to select solid edges and faces in dimensioning actions
  • Support of reflection in generic shaders
  • Possibility to include dimensions from 3D space in 2D view derivation
  • Texture coordinate import can be switched explicitly
  • Solid faces can be selected for section curve generation

Control enhancements

  • New property DXSnapOrigin and DYSnapOrigin to set the snap origin
  • The background of the control can be set to an image
  • A screenshot of the graphic window can be retrieved as a base64 string


  • Support of PNG file format
  • Indirect point filter in action dialogs