CADMAI is a CAD and WebGL framework that can be used both as a complete 3D CAD system and as a module in third-party applications and cloud environments.

The ability to display CAD models three-dimensionally in the web browser offers a wide range of possible applications, from pure viewing to the management of a digital twin to browser-based product configuration in real time.

The basis for this is provided on the one hand by the relational CAD system CADMAI, with which CAD models are parametrically defined and controlled in web environments, and on the other hand by a WebGL-based framework with which 2D and 3D models can be displayed in the browser.

Due to the possibility of deriving a format for the display in the browser from the CAD standard formats Step, Jt and 3DXML with the help of our converter, almost all common CAD applications can be used

Based on our technology, for example, software applications in the areas of ERP, PDM and PIM can be expanded with 3D information.

Web shop or spare parts catalog providers benefit from the straight forward embedding of the CADMAI WebGL software into their web pages.

Even existing CPQ systems may be functionally extended due to the support of several methods for product configuration (CTO, ATO, ETO up to automated control of parametric CAD models).

With the ability to render very big assemblies in a Web browser the CADMAI WebGL software application fits for scenarios in architecture, production floor planning or the holistic administration of industrial machines and plants (Asset Management).

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