Technical presentations

The following presentations are intended to simplify the familiarization with CADMAI and shall give an overview about the basic look and feel.


Introduction: This presentation describes the basic CADMAI elements and gives an introduction to CADMAI’ s way of modeling.
Also the model file format is shown here.

Getting information: This presentation shows how information can be retrieved out of CADMAI. It includes dependencies analysis, measurement functions, entity properties and values, parameter definitions and modeling history

Group selection: This presentation demonstrates how entity groups can be selected in CADMAI. Beside direct and rectangular selection also numeric and geometric chaining is explained

Designing with references: In this presentation a very simple solid is created. The lesson shows how parameters and relations can be used for modeling.

Working in 3D space: This presentation describes how coordinate systems can be used for modeling in 3D space.

Steering and integrations

Steering: This presentation describes how CADMAI can be steered from external applications.
Examples in connection with MS Internet Explorer and Database queries are given.

ActiveX Control: This presentation shows how the CADMAI ActiveX Control can be embedded in external applications. It includes .NET, VB6, MS Excel and MS Internet Explorer samples.

API (native): This presentation demonstrates how CADMAI windows can be embedded in 3rd party applications and the usage of the independent CAD object library. The samples were built with the native API but can be created under a DotNet environment in the same way.