CADMAI – the art of 3D rendering

It’s a substantial advantage for software developers in a rapidly developing industry to buy, integrate and use software libraries not representing the own core knowledge.

Using our CADMAI framework will help developers to render 3D-objects in a short time in proprietary software programs. This will ensure short development and release cycles and keep R&D cost in budget.


Perfect matching library for ERP, PDM or PIM systems planning to render 3D-objects, providing parametric variant generators in native applications or web-shops.

Use our software converters to generate WebGL Publisher data objects from your 3D-CAD models:

JT® to WebGL-Publisher®
3DXML to WebGL-Publisher®
STEP to WebGL-Publisher®
WebGL-Publisher from AUTODESK® Revit® and AUTODESK® Inventor®

Exclusion of warranty:
Due to a great variety of potential different Hard- and Software environments to run WebGL-Publisher installations, we cannot warrant the usage of WebGL-Publisher for a specific purpose.